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After Sales Support/ Service ...

infometrics is very concerned to provide all sorts of service and support facilities to all of our clients, anywhere and any time. We believe, constant support from our part is essential, not only for the customer’s satisfaction, but it is a matter of our reputation and existence.

Type of Service/Support
An Experienced and Trained support team (currently 12 in number) is dedicated for customer support. infometrics Inc offers round the clock services to its clients (based on the agreement). infometrics demands confidently that members of our support team will be at your service within three hours (180 Minutes) of your call for physical support.

Zonal Support (For local/Domestic Only)
The support team serves its function by dividing the existing market of infometrics into different Working Zones. There is a person dedicated to serve each zone. He also takes all the responsibility of the Zonal supports. Each person on the zones carries a Hand Phone, through which, the clients can ask for their service any time. They are able to provide solutions to soluble problems over the phone as quick response or they the reach the client’s site by three to four business hours for major problems.

On-line Support (Local and International)
We also provide on line service from our own developed online module. You can ask for any problem here and have the opportunity to enjoy quick (Maximum 5 minutes) solution. A recent addition with this is Online Chat facility which is now being offered GMT 3 AM to GMT 1 PM (for all). Round the clock (24/7) Support/Service is provided under the contract with valued clients and a dedicated Cell/Online booth is provided for them.

Long distance physical support (for countries abroad) may also be provided based on the agreement.

Our skype contact addresses are: aus234 and infometricsinc

Maintenance Contract Policy
Maintenance contract is not mandatory with any of infometrics solution or application. But even then if clients want to go for any long term service contract (monthly or yearly) they will get the following features in addition with the existing support facility.

  • Unlimited service visits to clients’ location after getting any reasonable service call from you.
  • Routine visits to clients’ location at least once a month even if they do not have a call.
  • Quarterly Free Up-gradation of the existing solution.
  • No extra charge for your new Employee Training
  • No extra charge for any new Machine (Server or Workstations) Configuration (our Solution)
  • Free consulting service facilities by infometrics Inc if you feel necessary for your Organization.
  • Unlimited phone service from our instant support booth.
  • Fixing problem on priority basis
  • Free Membership of infometrics-On-Line
  • And many more.

  • So infometrics’ Support in a nutshell:
  • System delivery within the proposed committed time
  • At least Three months authentic free support. It may also be extended or deducted depending on the complexities and contract agreement for that software.
  • No additional cost is taken for customization up to 50 man hours (only for customized software).
  • Free training before implementation
  • infometrics provides full time physical support personnel at the time of implementation (for local clients)
  • Dedicated Online Support desk for International Customers
  • Round the clock 24/7 support facility for valued clients.
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