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 HR Manager (HR Software for Attendance & Leave Management) ...

‘HR Manager’ is a complete Human Resources Management System for corporate environments. It deals with interrelated components working together to collect, process, store and disseminate information to support decision making, co-ordination, control, analysis and visualization of an organization's Human Resources Management activities .


  • User friendly
  • Web based
  • Multi-User facility and role based user creation
  • Customizable with facility to include other HR relevant module in future
  • Integration with door proximity devices
  • Single point of data entry
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Cost effective
  • Easy performance evaluation
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Enables to share information with various departments and eliminate duplication

Modules & Major Features

  • Employee Information Tracking
  • Job creation & Recruitment Module
  • Employee Recruitment Process Module
  • Employee profile Management Module
    • Employee’s personal details
    • Academic information
    • Employee’s career details
  • Employee's Earnings and Deductions Module
    • Basic salary, allowances and bonus details
    • Tax, provident fund and insurance details
    • Increment and promotion
    • Define the Banking information
    • Create individual or group salary structure and allowances
    • Canteen management
  • Payroll processing Module
  • Attendance & Leave Management Module
    • Daily attendance information through door punching and/or biometric thumb press on proximity device
    • Import attendance information from proximity device to application software
    • Manage shift of duty and flexible timing
    • Define holiday and weekend specifically
    • Record field movement information of individual staffs
    • Convert late to leave automatically
    • Lock the door in specific time period/staff
    • Leave application and approval through online
    • Manage (creation/deletion/modification) and configure leave of various types based on HR policy
    • Notification for leave application & approval status
    • Accrue leave and carry forward to future
    • Leave details
    • Over Time details
    • Generate & manage Roster and shifting duty
  • Employee Training Module
  • Employee Retirement, Termination and Pension Module
  • Document Storage
    • Go paperless - Upload and save electronic documents for employees
    • All major file formats can be stored
    • Display company documents (such as handbooks and blank forms) to employees through their MY Account.
  • HR Reporting
    • Generate Pay-Slip at the convenience of a mouse click
    • Generate all the reports related to Branch, Department, Employee
    • Generate all the reports related to attendance/leave and payroll, Bonus etc.
    • Management information reports
  • System Administration
    • Change employee status and department.
    • Edit routines
    • Multiple companies, Multiple Profit centers and Profit center-wise information
    • Security administration
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