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Why Bangladesh?
Now the question arises Why Bangladesh? Because Bangladesh is fast becoming the new outsourcing hub of South Asia. With Microsoft, Oracle and other big players investing heavily in the local IT talent, Bangladesh is rapidly building state of the art IT facilities to accommodate its resources. Situated on the boarder with India, Bangladesh shares the same high standards of IT skills set and approach as their giant neighbors. With the outsourcing companies in India inundated with foreign companies workload a more refreshing option would be to choose an alternative with the same standards, values and work ethics but with the added exception of a ready to go eager workforce who are keen to take on the best outsourcing companies in the world.


Why outsource to infometrics?
We develop software more for Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME) section rather than concentrating on big corporates. We welcome you to outsource your software/website development services to us to Bangladesh for the following reasons:

  • Excellent Commitment and Timely Completion/Delivery
  • High Quality and Documentation
  • Comparatively Low costing
  • Dedicated Project Management Team (with 5 fluent English Speaking person) specially designed for International clients and Transparent Project Management Process
  • Free Management Consulting (with proper business domain knowledge)
  • 24/7 Telephone, Email and Chat Service for valued Clients
  • Ready to provide some sample applications (prototype) free of cost
  • Free amendment upto 50 man-hour
  • Substantial discount for continuous work provider
  • A standard after sales service (at least for 3 months) to valued customer
  • Strong confidentiality
  • Flexibility of HR working team formulation
  • Flexible organizational policy

We specialize in the outsourcing of Business Processes that create value for our clients. Utilizing differences in the time zones across the globe, we have developed an effective project management methodology that enables them to run their business processes round the clock. We help our clients optimize business processes enhancing agility and flexibility of their operations at substantially lower cost structures.

Our Positioning Strategy
infometrics positions its service to its long term strategic partners. It usually not prefer large corporate rather small to medium companies by giving them 30-55% cost benefit with good quality products. It will also offer some new product innovation idea to move them with new products as a marketing partners or joint ownership of products. It offers margin for its distributors for out of the box products. It offers them the following extra service

• Free consulting service
• Free amendment upto 50 man-hour
• Substantial discount for continuous work provider
• A standard after sales service (at least for 3 months) to valued customer
• 24/7 services (telephone and email support) to all its customers.
• Free prototype application development facilities for valued clients

Our Branding Strategy
For outsourcing or ODC service, branding is not important. But for off the shelf product, branding is very important. infometrics prefers branding of its several ready business applications (products) as co-branded products and it usually goes for a specific branding strategy for this.

Our Product Strategy
Features/benefits analysis
• Quality product with full documentation
• 100% on time delivery if the requirements are defined
• Reliability for further project amendment or versioning (ensuring same charge)
• Local support from zonal office
• Very much competitive rate and support for long-term customers
• Strong confidentiality

Value proposition
For the software companies who are making direct business with International clients, infometrics provides software development service and can work as their offshore delivery center (ODC) which will reduce their cost by 50-85% from Onshore development center and around 50%-60% from near shore development centers .Unlike other companies, infometrics provides prototype development service free of cost and ensure best quality and time committed service with transparent project management procedure. It maintains a fully tuned English speaking PM team for international communications.

Product development As an ODC, infometrics has no right to sell customer’s developed products. But for its own branded products, it goes for vigorous testing, QC process, R&Ds and if necessary goes for local market certification from testing and certification authority.

For regular project work, packaging is not needed. But for OEM product, it maintains international standard box with mat laminated printing output with exclusive color book of manuals. It also provides “Quick Start Guide” and DVD pack with tool kit along wth a registration manual in it. Users can download update (max 2 times) free of cost from website.

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