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Software Development...

Professional software development to mitigate real-world problems requires leading technology and an expert team. It is a compound of both Art and Science. Our professional programmers are developing all sorts of application software may need including educational software, office applications, internet software, utilities, text and graphics editors, communication software.

Methodology of Development:
infometrics starts with the basics. We evaluate a company's needs and create an overall vision. At the very preliminary stage we start with Business Analysis. The specialized Business Analyst Team comes up with analysis report, flow chart of the workflow of the existing system, finds the loopholes and drawbacks of the existing system (if any) and proposes solutions to those.

The System Analysts start designing the system to be developed. Activity Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams etc. are prepared. Then the Database System of the system is also designed. As the Design Phase is completed and reviewed, the Programmers begin Coding. At every level of the Development proper Documentation is done. Once the Development is done, the software is implemented at an inhouse environment. After the software is tested in all standard testing methodology, the Software is implemented at the Client's site with expert support team.


Software Development Tools

Operating Systems we used: Windows 32/64 bit and Linux

Pocket PC OS: Windows Mobile 5 and 6

Database we used: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Jet Database and Oracle

Technologies: .NET, ADO.NET, SOAP, Web Service, COM/DCOM/COM+, ActiveX, Win32 API, TCP/IP, Sockets, CGI, CORBA, SSL.

Tools/Languages we used: C#, Visual Basic.NET, , VBA, SQL Designer Pro, Seagate Crystal Report
- PHP , JavaScript , html , Dhtml, CSS, Ajax, Smarty , DOM

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports.

Project Support Tools: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, CVS, Microsoft Team builder

Graphical Tool: Adobe Photoshop, Illustratol, Corel Draw, Flash etc.

Markup Languages: HTML, DHTML, CSS, WAP/WML, and XML/XSL/DTD

Software Libraries: MFC, ANSI C++ STL, ATL, WTL.

Scripting Languages: PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and VBScript.

Others: Install Shied, Wise Installation Tools

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